Travel nature photography workshop in Africa

Travel nature photography workshop in Africa

Travel nature photography workshop in Africa

Travel nature photography workshop in Africa, organized by Africa Wild Truck, are real journeys that are focused on photo safari. Wildlife photography requires patience, perseverance and a deep knowledge of wildlife habits

With Federico Veronesi, Italian photographer who has lived for many years in Kenya, winner of several international awards including the Grand Prize at prestigious Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Awards, certified guide by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association, we organize nature photography workshops in Africa.

To whom a nature photography workshop is addressed?

Our workshops are aimed in general to photography enthusiasts, professionals or not, and, of course, to African nature and travel lovers .
If you are tired of ‘flat’ photographs, the usual picture of a sleeping lion, if you hope to make a quantum leap, you want to photograph a particular situation, then this is the trip for you.
We will travel in close contact with African nature using our knowledge to capture vivid and meaningful images. We will look for particular situations, we will stop the moment, the moment when the animal’s behavior is significant. During a nature photography workshop we will look for the best shot from sunrise to sunset; the starry nights will frame the spectacles of nature that we will live with wonder.

Nature is the passion of my life, and stay out in the bush to take photographs of elephants, lions, cheetahs or to seek a leopard along a stream, is the dream of my life come true. Every roaring lion or leopard sigh excites me as if for the first time. And share my passion with other photographers will be for me a satisfaction and pleasure. I will always do everything possible and more to a single photograph, and I never hear say it’s time to go home. Only when darkness surrounds us completely we will be forced to admit that the day is over.
In some east African parks you have the option of following the animals while they scramble to survive in the midst of the dangers and challenges of the African savannah. Staying long periods of time with them you will have the chance to get so deeply in their lives that begin to see the world through their eyes, whether it’s a cheetah that is breeding the puppies, or a male elephant that casts a rival importunate . Aware that each animal has its own character and is unpredictable; We observe behavior and I’ll explain what’s going on; We try to predict what is likely to happen next, and why. This will be very useful for the purpose of photography.
Federico Veronesi

Planned travel nature photography workshop in Africa


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