A library in Mulanje

A library in Mulanje
Opensource library in Mulanjearoundawt

Books, books, books! We realized a small dream: to create a library! An open source library which for now is housed in our offices in Nswadzi, Mulanje.

Some Tweets, a couple of WhatsApp to find a computer, a brief exchange of e-mails and then the meeting with Carl Meyer, the legendary founder of Source IT Solutions “the first to deploy Keepod Outernet together, to provide access in Malawi to information and technology to those who have never had before “.

On a cold June morning, we met at AfricaWildTruck headquarter in Mulanje and we started the installation of a Keepod point: we set a satellite dish on the roof that will allow us to access the contents of Outernet, a library Free open source for everyone and without the need of an internet connection. Outernet = Humanity’s Public Library. The most important information from the web broadcast to the entire world from space for free.

You can read how we realized an open source library in Mulanje.


Why an opensource library

Access to books and culture is a real lack and need for Malawi. From North to South and even in large cities a library is something rare to find, as well as expensive to reach. In our travels and visits to schools, students and school personnel with whom we are in contact ask us books. The open source library is a cultural landmark in Nswadzi, Mulanje and we reach local students to widen the variety of material available that at the moment is very limited.


The open source keepod library is located in our offices and it is easily accessible to students and to the communities living around the area.


Share this page with your contacts and social networks. If you plan to visit us you can take your laptop with you and give us once you are here; if you have several books we can organize an expedition ad hoc. Make a donation. Write us to learn more. What could be more beautiful than sharing culture?


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