Voluntourism in Malawi

Volunteering or Voluntourism. We feel the desire to contribute to Malawi’s development through volunteering or as it is called, Voluntourism.

A Voluntourism program is a strong and intense experience of giving and receiving.

Through volunteering you can try to make a difference, even just for one person, for:

  • give confidence and gain confidence in any project
  • motivate the individual growth and, why not, find motivation yourself
  • teaching and learning
  • listen and share moments of dialogue
  • deal with different cultures and learn about different lifestyles
  • travel and discover the culture of the country


The volunteer’s attitude is of respect for local customs and humility towards the work of people active and in the area, towards nature and aware that an experience of this kind does not make us heroes and masters, but rather teaches us.

The possibilities are endless.

If you have knowledge you want to share, then stepped forward and write us! If you have patience, flexibility, overall vision, adaptability, initiative, optimism, willingness to listen and a positive attitude then your experience will be unforgettable.

Our principles are inspired by respect, equality and equal dignity of every individual, the motivation that drives us to organize is the commitment to help a territory, children, teens and people in need in the broadest possible sense. Voluntourism, in our opinion, should not miss the discovery of the environment and the country, to complete the experience and interpret reality in a comprehensive way through a few days of travel.

Voluntourism programs


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