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Who travels with Africa Wild Truck?
In our expeditions and trips you can find both groups of friends who have decided to travel together, both individual travelers as well as couples who have found themselves part of the group. Couples on their honeymoon, families, groups that have requested a tailor made trip. There are no age limits, but only the common desire to know other cultures and to travel, to explore, to share the adventure of travel, by any means. In off-road vehicle, during a hiking, or for a boat safari. Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya are the countries in which we can accompany you.

Where do we sleep? Accommodation style?
The accommodation style embrace different types. Have a look at our style! In general we like lodge, preferring sustainability, the contact with nature, a special and unique location and situation far away from mass tourism. What we propose is always carefully chosen following a constant attendance of the territory. Do not forget that we live here! In fact, over the years, you will find more and different facilities for our most popular routes. Write us and we will provide a list of lodges and accommodation choices.
Double check our programs: we often vary them! If you prefer to travel with even more comfort, or if you organize trips entirely tent contact us and together we will design a customized trip.

What are the campsites like?
We will find campsites of various degrees similar to the standards of European campsites; those equipped with the best comforts even up to the point of basic structures while still keeping at high priority close contact with the nature of the wild.

Is there a meeting place for the departure?
The round-trip flights are arranged at your own convenience and need. However, upon request, we can arrange flights with those also interested in travelling together.

Do I need to arrange my own transportation to and from the airport?
Upon your arrival, you will be picked up at the airport and at the end of the expedition you will also be dropped off at the airport. During your stay, all the transportation will be at our costs unless differently specified or agreed.

Where is the AfricaWildTruck head quarter?
AfricaWildTruck is a Tour Operator registered in Malawi, with a license issued by the Ministry of Tourism. Our office is in Mulanje, southern Malawi. The offices are in Thyolo road, Nswadzi. Our address is: P.O. Box 42, Mulanje, Malawi, Central Africa. Our staff includes 13 people with permanent contracts: all reside in Malawi. Africa Wild Truck is considered an expert Tour Operator for Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya.

What are the payment methods accepted by Africa Wild Truck?
Payment methods accepted are different from AfricaWildTruck:
1) Via BANK TRANSFER. When booking we will send you all the details and the procedure for paying the account of AfricaWildTruck.
2) Via DPO on line, on  AfricaWildTruck bank account
2) By credit card VISA. Directly to your arrival in Malawi, at AfricaWildTruck office.
4) In CASH, at your arrival in Malawi, at AfricaWildTruck office, which has a regular license and government authorization to accept any currency (€, US $, £, Rand, etc …)
At the time of booking we will agree with the method you prefer.

Which currency to prefer for my personal expenses? Dollars or euros?
American dollar are preferred to Euros because accepted almost everywhere, although now even the euro are known. Rarely we will find ATM machines to withdraw cash, but it is an option very convenient for those who have a Visa card with a PIN (usually 4 digits). It will be possible in the bank to change foreign currencies like euro or dollars into local currency. It is also good to know that small notes can be changed more easily. Remember that no one accepts banknotes of US dollars issued before 2011.

Will it be possible to do laundry?
For the most part throughout the trip, there will be the possibility to do laundry or to use a laundry service at the hotels or campsites.

How can we keep in touch with home?
Your personal cell phone will have a good coverage not only in major cities, but in most of the places that we cross on the way. During our expeditions we will provide a phone to allow you to make calls even when your phone does not have coverage. (Cost applicable). The best solution is to buy a local sim card. Facebook or Instagram is a great way to follow our adventures, the daily (or almost!) Official of Africa Wild Truck page: Live image from Africa, following this link: facebook.com/africawildtruck

What is the likelihood of catching malaria or any other tropica disease?
We think that malaria and/or any other tropical disease, if precaution are taken, is difficoult to catch during our trips. Regarding malaria we will not see big quantities of mosquitoes and WHO (World Health Organization) declared that : “Mosquito nets are an efficient preventive tool in global malaria control”.

Do I need to worry about insects?
We will see the same quantities of insects that we might see in Europe.

Will we see many dangerous snakes?
Generally snakes are shy creatures and they are more afraid of us that we should be of them so sightings are rare. We will explain the different behaviour of different species of snakes.

I still have some doubts. Who can I call to get more infos?
You can contact Africa Wild Truck crew directly through the contacts page in this website or phone at +265 995941542

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