Margareth, a dress-maker for Chitipi

Margareth, a dress-maker for Chitipi
Margareth, a dress-maker for Chitipi

aroundawt Margareth lives in Chitipi, a suburb of Lilongwe, in Malawi. She’s the wife of Elson. We know him because he has recently joined the staff at Africa Wild Truck base camp in Malawi. She sometimes helps him in his job or in domestic duties and she is a housewife.
Education is a key discriminator to find a job. The “know-how” is essential; having studied a profession makes the difference when you look for a job. An additional wage for her family would be really useful and that’s why Margareth decided to enroll at the “Maligunde Training School” to become a dress-maker, a profession in great demand in Chitipi.
At the school she will also improve her English so that she will be able to sell her work to foreign visitors in Malawi.

“My name is Margareth, I was born in Nsanje, in Southern Malawi, in 1980. In 2004 I married Elson and at the moment we do not have children. I am the oldest of six children; my father was a maize, tea and beans farmer and our mother helped him in the fields. After finishing the Primary School I had to stop my studies and my education because of my father’s sudden death. Nowadays I am a housewife, and I have no job, unfortunately. I’d really like to be able to sew, draw on fabric and make things with my own hands so that I can become economically independent. The only hurdle is that I don’t have enough money to enroll at the school”.

Since Margareth stopped her studies because of her father’s death, this is a professional school that will contribute to her formation. Notwithstanding Margareth had looked for a job to pay her enrollment, without an external input she wouldn’t have managed to enroll on her own.
AROUND AWT paid for the first month of studies for Margareth and accompanied her on her first day of school.

Thanks to the contribution of everyone we have collected a sum of about 500 € necessary for Margareth’s enrollment in the tailoring school that started in October 2010 and for the material to start working. A special thank goes to whom has given us also the first sewing machine!
Margareth obtained her diploma at the end of January 2011.

We’ll keep you updated on her work!


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