Art Safari

Art Safari
What an Art Safari is

Sketching, noting, writing, creating a travel report absolutely personal, a Carnet de Voyage, on the wake of travels from anywhere, who, with their words and colors conveyed sensations, atmospheres an reflections we still feed on nowadays.
Hence the idea: Art safaris are travels in which anyone, looking at the world with her/his eyes, will be able to report her/his experience in a kaleidoscope of images, illustrations, photographs, collages, sketches, spots of color, in a kind of visual or literary story.
An Art safari, as we know it, is not a drawing course in the open air… or better, not only. An Art safari helps you learn to see, to notice, instead of just watching.

During a trip we get a lot of external inputs, details that affect us and pass through us without even being fully conscious.
Simply seeing will become observing, because the smallest detail can lead to a new world, new discoveries.
We’ll focus our attention to report on paper (or any other support we happen to have!) our emotions, the stages of the journey, the eyes of the people we meet, the endless landscapes, villages and cities, free and wild animal life, the contradictions of these lands and, why not, perfumes and ideas, trying out and impressing a piece of it inside of us.
We tried and this is the result,what do you think about it?



Why an Art Safari

Traveling and drawing. Trace a road and leave a trail, on a rock or a sheet of paper. Moving and communicating. They are both two primeval needs of man, so premeval that we find evidence since the dawn of human history. Why don’t combine these two aspects of life in one experience?
Art safaris arise from the desire to travel to see, because the couple paper-experience is really strong, to foster our artistic sensitivity, to understand and devote ourselves to understand what surround us.


Whom an Art Safari is addressed to

A pocketbook, a pencil or a pen, colors like pencils or watercolors… but also an old Polaroid to insert a shot in a personal travel diary or, if you prefer, a new generation tablet like iPad to draw with your fingers; a camera to use to catch an image: anyone with her/his instrument to create what can be called travel carnet, sketch book or travel pocketbook: notes, sketches, signs, thoughts and suggestions from Africa, not necessarily aimed at an audience. You do not have to be a good carnettists, nor excellent illustrators to take part in our Art safari. It does not matter which is your formation: you need to have a spirit open to emotions to test, try out, search: that’s the meaning of sketching on a sheet of paper…


Who is “Monkeyfra”

Monkeyfra, aka Francesca Serafini, was born in Milan in 1987 and graduated at the European Design Institute in “Illustration and animation”. She is an illustrator of children books and school books and has a specialization in animations and comics. With Francesca we’ll learn some techniques and tricks to improve our abilities!

…drawing, more than a job, is for me a way of expressing and communicating everything fascinating existing in the world, an instrument of inquiry. That’s why my subjects are each time different, even the techniques I use. Africa is obviously one of my favourite subjects, the “adventure land” of my dreams ever, that I was lucky to visit…

Francesca Serafini



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