Youth Photo Perspective

Youth Photo Perspective
Photography project: Youth Photo Perspective

aroundawtWhat is the value of a photography? What is the value of the possibility of exchange information through images? How much can we communicate with a simple shot? Youth Photo Perspective is an intercultural project that brings together children from around the world to encourage them to communicate through photography. “A new way of discovering and getting to know the world.”

YPPYouth Photo Perspective is photography project. It is a research-action project arising from the encounter of two realities: Photography and Formation. The idea is vey simple: promoting cultural exchanges in the world through the exchange of images, means of universal communication.

YPP is discovering which is the perspective angle of a young man/woman on their own reality, whatever it may be, in different parts of the world and at the same time an educational action since boys and girls are educated and invited to be a reporter for a day trying to catch the most significant aspects of the world surrounding them through images. Therefore stimulating young people to become active participants of their own social context and to exchange information through photography.

YPP is a long-term photography project. It already reached Burkina Faso where the association Metodo in collaboration with photographer Marco Resti of the Nikon Professional Service promoted the venture between the Jean Paul II Center in Koupela and the Song-Taaba Training Center in Kanougou where twelve boys and girls have been chosen as “photo reporter for a day”.
The pictures they took have only the aim of promoting the photographic culture and cultural exchanges that photography can generate, breaking down the barrier of language.

A photographic contest within the project allowed boys and girls to try this language and win a camera Nikon L21, offered by Nital, that recognized the value of the venture.

Africa Wild Truck is ready to welcome YPP and to carry out the venture!

Supported by Nikon:


In May 2011, YPP arrived in Lilongwe, in the Gateway secondary school in the Malawian capital city.

Read how it went (in Italian):
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» The article on Nikon Life where Marco Resti tells about the YPP projects.



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