Travel philosophy

Travel philosophy

Travel philosophy by Africa Wild Truck

We call our trips, “expeditions”, a word which seems to better encompass the spirit of adventure and discovery of wild places, the capacity of necessary adaptability and the desire of sharing this experience with others.

Our travel programs

Our programs are carefully prepared and are born from our personal experiences over the years of the places where we live. This allows us to share the knowledge of the enviroment and local communities to whoever wishes to experience an adventure rather than an organized trip. During our expeditions, we like to improvise, a ballgame in a small out-of-the-way village or take a break to taste the local cuisine, or stop to meander through the colourful stands of fruits and vegetables in an outdoor marketplace.

During an Africa Wild Truck travel

We don’t travel with air conditioning observing Africa through closed windows, but we live breathing in the smells and even getting a little dirty from the red earth without thinking all day about how much further we’re going, when will there be roads of asphalt or what will we eat for dinner that night.

We experience Africa smelling the atmosphere, photocaphing the colours, experiencing the local fruit and vegetable markets, being surrounded by children on the road withouth prejudice.

Our travellers

People who travel with us are not just thinking about reaching a destination but about enjoying the infinite moments during the trip to appreciate the spectacular sights of Africa even when we stop and there is nothing to do. “Doing nothing” transforms your sense of hearing into listening and your sense of watching into seeing. We prefer to “lose” time in order to better appreciate the wonders of Africa.

We don’t appreciate those who always want to know “what can we do for fun”, what activities or hobbies, when there really is nothing to do but wait for the sunset or for a lion to yawn: Africa has a different rhythm of life. We don’t appreciate those who travels with their entire house in their suitcase and who wants to find all the comforts of home on the road; stress must stay at the airport because it does not fit with this continent.

Who are appalled and shocked at a local food dish or who cry because there is no hot water need not apply; these are luxuries we give up in respect for the communities of a Continent that suffers poverty and underdevelopment.

We don’t appreciate those who do not have respect for animals or nature, who waste water, energy and resources without enviromental respect, who does not ask for help and does not give help and who does not take care of our equipment.

This is our philosophy: think like us and you will be rewarded.


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