Mozambique southern beaches


Mozambique southern beaches. A journey dedicated to the discovery of the Indian Ocean, which in this part of Mozambique is extraordinarily rich. reef, waves of water endless, white sand beaches and an incredible variety of fish species.

For lovers of Punta Zavora diving it is one of the most beautiful sites in the south of Mozambique.

Hundreds of species in these waters including whale sharks, manta rays, sea slugs, turtles and dozens of species not yet described by the scientific community.

“With its 2600 kilometers of coastline, the country offers an unspoilt coastline and coral reefs unexplored with the chance to spot dolphins, humpback whales, whale sharks, manta rays and even dugongs. The northern Mozambique corals in very good state of condition, unlike those of Mauritius, Seychelles and Maldives which in many cases have diseases and excessive discoloration caused by the rise in sea temperatures. The beach is all Zavora effects a place of rare unspoilt beauty and is a true gem for those who love the ocean and quietness. “

Taken from: MOZAMBICO, UN NUOVO ANTICO PAESE di G. Bauce, F. Guazzo, S. Pesarelli ed. POLARIS.

TRAVEL – Mozambique southern beaches

Mozambique is still a popular destination for diving and unlike other busier resorts, we will live the thrill of exploring sites still partially unknown. You can dive all year round, from June to August (winter) when because of the cooler climate there is less incidence of malaria; the sea is sometimes rather rough and the water temperature is about 23 degrees.

From December to February you can meet at least 20-30 whale sharks in the bay, but you can swim with these giants of the sea during all months of the year. Humpback whales ply these waters, near the shore, in the winter period (Italian summer). Round off the natural beauty of Mozambique the opportunity to spot an amazing variety of fish and a fantastic assortment and almost completely untouched hard and soft corals.

Inhambane is the capital of the province. The favorable location on a sheltered bay contributed to the rapid development of the city, the thriving port became the main center of Mozambique for the exchange for fabrics and ivory, and in the eighteenth century to the slave trade. Inhambane today still retains the exotic charm of a city where races and cultures have merged for centuries. Thanks to the quiet location on the tree-lined streets, colonial architecture, the bustling market is one of the liveliest cities and characteristics of Mozambique.

Inhambane is the gateway to a series of beautiful beaches, including Tofu, Barra and Zavora.


Punta Zavora is considered one of the best places to spot the Manta Ray. It offers a lot of ideas for diving:

  • Arcadia Deans,
  • Area 51,
  • Deep reef south,
  • Great wall of Zavora,
  • La cuesta,
  • Tentação,

are just some of the names of the best points located a few km from Punta Zavora.

Ndigumbi White Sands, of all people, is a reef just 11 km from the coast and going down from 8 to 20 meters: among the sighted species are the sea lion, red snapper, surgeon fish and especially the spectacular Manta Ray .

Possible activities are varied: from diving to Ocean safari in search of the passage of the whales, the Sunset cruise on Lake Poelela birdwatching, meeting with fishermen, the “simple” relaxation.


11 days. Possibility to extend into Bazaruto Archipelago or in Kruger National Park



All distances will be covered by means of 4 × 4 Toyota Land Cruiser or Land Rover or similar.


Drivers and professional guides are selected on the field during our many travels and have distinguished themselves for their high training, experience and reliability. They are local guides we have carefully chosen following an idea of ​​sustainability of travel and social commitment, to ensure the traveler the most profound experiences that generate benefits for local communities. If required,  an Italian speaking guide join you. This trip is in collaboration with our correspondent LaKru Investimentos.


We will spend the nights in a nice lodge high above the lake at the Lagoa Poelela Poelela Luxury Resort which is 10 minutes from the tip of Zavora, on full board. The night in Tofo will be in a pleasant lodge with restaurant. The rooms in the lodge / chalet / hotel, is intended, unless otherwise requested, in double or, in rare cases, triple; They could be replaced for technical-organizational problems without distorting the original plan.

The lodge rooms are intended, unless otherwise requested, in double or sometimes triple; They could be replaced for technical-organizational problems without distorting the original plan. To get the list of lodge and camping write to us!


Temperatures depend largely on the season, from the latitudes and altitudes. On the right (download .pdf) an indicative table of average temperatures in the different seasons. The hottest month is November, the coolest month is June / July. The dry season is from April / May to November. The wet season runs from December to March / April, during this time you can see the parks in their green splendor and some puppies of mammals are born in this period. We recommend both seasons, both in fact have a special charm. Contact us for more information on the current season, they are not all the same every year!

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DAY 1 MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE. Arrival in the vibrant city of Maputo, Mozambique's capital at 13:30 on Ethiopian Airlines or other airline of your choices. Meeting with the guide and hotel accommodation in the city with restaurants. Bed and breakfast

DAY 2 MAPUTO - LAGOA POELELA. A half-day's journey north, towards the Lagoa Poelela resort, a few kilometers from Punta Zavora, we welcome you in a bay overlooking one of the many blue lakes with low salinity that characterize this area of ​​Mozambique. During the trip we will stop at a typical market if you wish to buy some fruit and browse among the stalls. In the afternoon arrival at the lake, where we expect a beautiful sunset and a delicious dinner. Full board

DAY 3 LAGOA POELELA - PUNTA ZAVORA. After breakfast heading to the diving center, located a few kilometers, for the first dive. By boat, we will try to spot humpback whales that inhabit the peak Zavora coast. Return to Lagoa Poelela Resort. In the afternoon you can organize several activities, including a second dive or the Sunset Cruise Poelela a cruise on the lake to watch the sunset. Full board

DAY 4 LAGOA POELELA - PUNTA ZAVORA. In the morning wake up at dawn and after breakfast drive to the diving center for a new dives, perhaps at "Ndigumbi" White Sands. This reef is located about 11 Km from the coast. A wonderful wall drops from 8 to 20 meters, the maximum depth point, is populated by many species such as the sea lion, red snapper or surgeon fish and it is not uncommon to spot the spectacular Manta Ray. Return to Lagoa Poelela Resort; in the afternoon you can organize several activities including a second dive. Full board

DAY 5 LAGOA POELELA - PUNTA ZAVORA. Another day dedicated to diving, perhaps to "Ndimbomba" Red Sands, reef that is about 6 Km from the coast, the maximum depth is 18 m here boulders alternate with plateaus covered by a soft red sand. Easy to come across different species of lobster, tuna and amberjacks Pacific, porcelain crabs and rainbow rings, one of the most beautiful and colorful crustaceans. In the afternoon you can organize several activities including another dive. Full board

DAY 6 LAGOA POELELA - PUNTA ZAVORA. Day dedicated to diving, could be Ndigumbi White Sands. Located on a wall that drops from 8 to 20 meters, in addition to the possible meeting with the spectacular Manta Ray, you can see several species of sharks. Return to Lagoa Poelela Resort. In the afternoon we can arrange activities including a second dive. Full board

DAY 7 LAGOA POELELA - PUNTA ZAVORA. Worthy of attention is also the wreck of the Klipfontein, a passenger ship sank in 1953 due to bump into an obstacle never identified; It comes in two parts of approximately 52 meters each and has transformed over the years into a kind of "artificial reef". Return to Lagoa Poelela Resort; in the afternoon you can have  arranged several optional activities that are not included in the price, including a second dive. Full board

DAY 8 LAGOA POELELA - TOFO. Early morning departure for a adventure to Inhambane, really a nice little town to visit where we will move towards Tofo, beach renowned for its wild beauty but also because here we can organize another dive. Overnight at the lodge. Full board

DAY 9 TOFO - LAGOA POELELA. Incredible Ocean Safari in search of the whale shark and return to the Lagoa Poelela. Visit the Lighthouse of Punta Zavora, built to illuminate the routes of Portuguese traders. Full board

DAY 10 LAGOA POELELA - MAPUTO. We travel a few hours to arrive in Maputo, where the night will be spent in a nice lodge. Bed and breakfast

DAY 11 MAPUTO - INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Transfer to International airport for the return.


incluse VAT 16,5%, Tourism Levy 1% e tasse 30%



No obligation to vaccination. Check with your doctor requirements for Yellow fever.

We recommend these vaccines:

  • tetanus
  • typhoid fever
  • hepatitis A and B

Concerning malaria, disease transmitted by the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito, its prevention is accomplished, first of all, with a mechanic prevention i.e. avoiding getting stung, following these rules:

  • sleeping under mosquito tents
  • using insecticide to get rid of possible mosquitos
  • after sunset, when mosquitos are more active, avoiding leaving parts of the body uncovered, wearing light-colored long trousers and long-sleeve shirts, because dark colors attract mosquitos and spraying parts of the body uncovered with Autan Extreme

For the use of any possible antimalarial drugs we suggest that you consult your Public Health Service; health norms change very rapidly.


We suggest that you take with you a small supply of these medicines:

  • analgesics/fever reducers: acetylsalicylic acid and nimesulide
  • antibiotics like ciproxin or amoxicillin or clavulanic acid
  • antimalarials: anyway carry with you 2 packs of Lariam for emergency cases
  • antidiarrheals: loperamide or kaolin in case of symptoms (to use only if really necessary!)
  • rehydration salts: in case of fluid leaks
  • against car or air sickness: a pack of pills or chewing-gums
  • antihistamines: in case of allergic reactions
  • scissors, tweezers and thermometer
  • suntan cream
  • insecticides (like Autan Extreme)

Required documents and Visa

It is necessary to have a passport valid for at least 6 months after departure date with at least two free pages; for the entry in Mozambique the Visa is obtainable under 80 Usd payment.  Write us for more informations


comfortable shoes

technical sandals

easy to dry slippers for the shower




cotton/linen long trousers

cotton/linen long sleeve shirts

cotton T-shirts

bathing suit


belly pack for passport






head torch-light

water bottle

camera/videocamera/spare batteries!!

passport photocopy and 2 passport photos

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