safari into south Luangwa national park in zambia green season


Safari into South Luangwa national park in Zambia green season. In Zambia, we will focus on a nine days safari into the incredible South Luangwa National Park, entering in the heart of it with safari vehicles. During nocturnal hours we will take part of game drives looking for predators. Leopard concentration is high and in this season there are many new born species including lions and impala. There are several shows that can be seen on the banks of the Luangwa River.

South Luangwa is full of its beauty during rainy season. Main tracks are still accessible and thanks to our 4×4 we will go where other means can not reach. With this itinerary we want to take away the urge for safari and nature, we want to make a refill of energy and reconnect with the purest and wildest part of Africa. The rhythms of nature will take care of us that, finally, disconnected from all that is technology, will reappear the natural rhythms of the night and a paradise for lovers of naturalistic photography.

An unforgettable safari trip to discover lions, leopards, hyenas, vultures, hundreds of elephants in a green and particular context, out of the scheme and the usual imaginary of dry Africa. Burchell’s zebra is common in Luangwa Valley, while Thornicroft giraffe and Cookson’s gnus are two endemic species of the park: they can only be seen here. Among the primates easy to spot yellow baboons, the velvet monkeys. The chance to see the leopard during the night safari is very high. All at an absolutely affordable price.

DURATION: 9 days with possibility of extensions in Mulanje, at our lodge-camp, or on Malawi Lake or in Zanzibar.  Ask us more info!


Staff is made by professional guides trained by Malawi Tourism sector. WHO WE ARE 


All distances will be covered with one or more means Toyota or Land Rover or similar off-road 4 × 4 or depending on numbers vehicle that we consider appropriate. Vehicles inside the park are special vehicles modified to enjoy as much as possible our game drives.



1° DAY MFUWE , ZAMBIA, South Luangwa. Arrival at Mfuwe airport. Transfer to a nearby camp located along the river. Overnight stays on the banks of the Luangwa River. Hippos, elephants and giraffes often cross the river.

2°-3° DAY SOUTH LUANGWA national park. The rich diversity of habitats will be clear in our first morning safari and during the night drive, 4x4 safaris during evening hours, when it is easier to spot the nightlife: inside South Luangwa National Park looking for lions, leopards , hyenas, genes, owls, nightjar ... Fixed tents on the banks of the Luangwa River.

4° DAY SOUTH LUANGWA national park. On safari, a word used to describe off-road inside the park. During the morning we will try to go back to our footsteps, where the evening before some particular scene captured our attention or exploring new areas. In the afternoon night safaris, looking for leopardS or all other animals, scents, smells, sounds, stars, this evening will give us a gift. Overnight as the previous night.

5° DAY SOUTH LUANGWA national park. Safari in the morning and night safaris. We will dedicate the day to watch animals during thecooler hours of the day: in the morning, just after dawn, and in the afternoon, before and after sunset. We will try, as every day, to take full advantage of the opportunities to spot all animals. In the morning it is easy to see elephant cross the river, as well as impala and puku devote themselves to defending the territory. Baboons are busy with the daily toilet and some little fall from the top of some "sausage tree" fortunately without any consequences. Overnight as the previous night.

6° DAY SOUTH LUANGWA national park. Depending on what we have seen in the previous days, the predators we have seen or the particular scenes we witnessed will explore different areas of the park, looking for numerous animals within the park. Often, the only view of the landscape shines our eyes and heart. In the afternoon as always afternoon and night safari, to pick up some new scenes and with a little luck to spot the pearl civet or other birds and predators. Overnight in as the previous night along the Luangwa River.

7° / 8° DAY SOUTH LUANGWA national park. A morning safari, when light is better, to track traces of felids and try to spot even the rare wild dog, an endangered canine living in South Luangwa, one of the few parks in Africa whereyou can see it. Return to the camp and relax. At evening, a night safari to see predators during hunting, including night raptors. With the light of the spotlight, which is equipped with the means we will use for the safari, we will be able to spot and photograph animals in a very original way. Here we have seen lion hunting, many hyenas, leopard hunting and in general predators fully active. Overnight as the previous night.

9° DAY SOUTH LUANGWA national park - MFUWE. Transfer to Mfuwe international airport, international flight.


inclusive  VAT 16,5%, Tourism Levy 1% and taxes 30%



The following discounts are possible:

  • family discounts: for children and young boys/girls under 12 years

Discounts are subject to variations and can't be combined together.


  • English speaking guides authorized by Minister of Tourism
  • all transports, to and from the airport, road taxes
  • all game drives activities, 14 game drives into South Luangwa national park
  • all overnights as to program - in fixed tents (see page 3)
  • all meals as per full board indication
  • VAT (16,5%),  TOURISM LEVY (1%) and government taxes.


  • flights
  • Zambia Visa
  • national parks entry fees into South Luangwa ( 25 USD per day at the moment)
  • Euroassistance/Globy or similar travel insurance (cancellation, luggage, health insurance highly advisable – it is possible to stipulate it with the above cited agency or online – write to us, we will help you to find the best solution!)
  • drinks different from water
  • optional excursions not mentioned
  • any possible personal expense
  • tips
  • anything not expressly specified under "The fee includes"


No obligation to vaccination.

We recommend these vaccines:

  • tetanus
  • typhoid fever
  • hepatitis A and B
  • Covid19

Concerning malaria, disease transmitted by the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito, its prevention is accomplished, first of all, with a mechanic prevention i.e. avoiding getting stung, following these rules:

  • sleeping under mosquito tents
  • using insecticide to get rid of possible mosquitos
  • after sunset, when mosquitos are more active, avoiding leaving parts of the body uncovered, wearing light-colored long trousers and long-sleeve shirts, because dark colors attract mosquitos and spraying parts of the body uncovered with Autan Extreme

For the use of any possible antimalarial drugs we suggest that you consult your Public Health Service; health norms change very rapidly.


We suggest that you take with you a small supply of these medicines:

  • analgesics/fever reducers: acetylsalicylic acid and nimesulide
  • antibiotics like ciproxin or amoxicillin or clavulanic acid
  • antimalarials: anyway carry with you 2 packs of Lariam for emergency cases
  • antidiarrheals: loperamide or kaolin in case of symptoms (to use only if really necessary!)
  • rehydration salts: in case of fluid leaks
  • against car or air sickness: a pack of pills or chewing-gums
  • antihistamines: in case of allergic reactions
  • scissors, tweezers and thermometer
  • suntan cream
  • insecticides (like Autan Extreme)

Required documents and Visa

It is necessary to have a passport valid for at least 6 months after departure date with at least two free pages; for the entry Zambia,  Visa is allowed at airport under 50 Usd payment (but it depends on nationalities).  Write us for more informations



  • comfortable trekking shoes
  • technical sandals
  • easy to dry slippers for the shower
  • windbreaker
  • k-way
  • sweatshirt/pile
  • cotton/linen long trousers
  • cotton/linen long sleeve shirts
  • cotton T-shirts
  • bathing suit
  • panty
  • belly pack for passport
  • sunglasses
  • cap


  • binoculars
  • head torch-light
  • water bottle container
  • camera/videocamera/spare batteries!!
  • passport photocopy and 2 passport photos
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