Tour in Malawi lake nature people

A trip for those who want to explore tourist and pristine areas, with an incredible biodiversity, in southern Malawi, to understand nature and the people, with special and unique photographic opportunities.

A unique destination, the Majete Wildlife Reserve, in the Shire Valley, is a success story in restocking a reserve: present are all the big five; lions, leopards, blacks rhinos, elephants and buffalos, as well as sable antelope, zebras, eland and Lichestein’s heartebeest. We will venture into the mid of the park even at night for safaris in search of predators.

Following the Shire Valley, still new panoramic views and forests we enter in Liwonde National Park, perhaps the most famous park in Malawi, of which you cannot be disappointed by the boat safaris: we define it as “truly unmissable”. Elephants swimming a few meters away from the boat, hippos grub, crocodiles, impalas drinking from the river and troops of monkeys who engage in daily grooming: the birdlife is truly amazing, also present are the black rhinos within the Sanctuary, a place in which they are well protected.

At the foot of Mount Mulanje is Mulanje Forest Reserve, the site listed for the title of World Heritage Site, the highest mountain in southern Africa, which boasts a 650km2 forest and many species of animals and plants unique in the world, the mountain that Malawians consider magic to the wealth of legends and stories that populate the collective imagination. Under Mount Mulanje we will see the rolling hills covered by pure white and green tea: walking through the immense spaces of the plantations we meet the workers in the tea plantations and people hiking  the mountain.

We will dive into the rich cultural heritage of Malawi in Chamare museum at Mua, the oldest and original operational mission in Malawi, where we will see the largest collection in the world of the Gule Wamkulu masks, secret ceremony of the ethnic Chewa Heritage  and Tradition.

And then, on the banks of the third biggest lake in Africa, in the region of Monkey Bay, the Lake Malawi National Park, compared to bio-diversity of the Galapagos, is one of the largest water reserves in the world, by the clear waters and white sands it is estimated that the endemic fish that inhabit the waters, cichlids, are around 1000 species. A part from that, between the poignant beauty of its landscapes, the people of Malawi are hospitable and incredibly friendly. The kilometers of pristine beaches of golden sand,  will be  amazing as we mingle with  the fishermen and the villages of the lake.


 12 days. Possibility of extensions on the shores of Lake Malawi or in Mulanje, at the foot of the magic mountain.



Staff is made by professional guides trained by Malawi Tourism sector. WHO WE ARE 


All distances will be covered with one or more means Toyota or Land Rover or similar off-road 4 × 4. A further provision, in the case of nights camping: mattresses, refrigerator, food, field kitchen, 12/220 V. current to recharge the batteries, two-way VHF, GPS, notebook to download digital photos and movies, satellite phone (cost 5 euro / min), first aid kit and a good travel library, with our guides to travel with.

ACCOMMODATION Tour in Malawi lake nature people

Three nights in lodge in Majete Wildlife Reserve, immersed in the wild nature of the park. At Mulanje accommodation exclusive  to us set up in ancient colonial house, base of AfricaWildTruck now an eco lodge and camp within a historic garden, inside of tea plantations; on Mount Mulanje nights in mountain huts. Subsequent nights are in a nice lodge on Lake Malawi near the Lake Malawi National Park. In Liwonde National Park, Mvuu camp overnight in the incredible lodge overlooking the river where the elephants come to drink. At Mua, night in well-equipped bungalows, property belonging to the White fathers. There can be nights in camping tents organized for you, on request.

The room in the lodge / chalet / hotel, is intended, unless otherwise requested, in double or, in rare cases, triple or quadruple; They could be replaced for technical-organizational problems without distorting the original plan.

The facilities have been carefully chosen following an idea of​land conservation and sustainability of travel, preferring  positions in close contact with nature. For a list of the lodge / camping , please write to us!



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