Christmas in Malawi. The traditional party with Families staff.

Christmas in Malawi? Also this year we had to choose gifts for the raffle of AfricaWildTruck, to pack T-shirts, clothes, shoes, many small surprises and some pranks, that made us laugh, cheer and sing all together after a Christmas lunch with flakes. How were we? Many! There was Lukas that he improvised for the children a mini football game complete with a final between the Lions and Niassa (1-3 for the record!). Jane and Edna cooked with the traditional nsima with nyama (meat), rice and beans delicious for everyone. We were 43 or 48? Boh! Francesca and Elson worked to run a raffle full of surprises. Thank you! There were those who prepared the table, who was washing pots, who served the dishes, who drinks and those like me trying to make some shots!

A huge thanks to all the supporters and Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 from AfricaWildTruck.