Malawi on line visa service

Malawi renews the visa formula: on line electronic Visa service!

Request a visa in comfort and security, directly from the office or from home, avoiding the classic landing lines and queues in the destination country? Now it is possible: Malawi in fact passes to the electronic procedure. An important turning point comes from the Warm Heart of Africa, in the innovation campaign that the country has started for years with the aim of encouraging the influx of tourists. After the precedent the announcement by the Ministry of Tourism of the reduction of visa fees – previously more expensive than those of the surrounding nations – here is another enormous news: the inclusion of the visa online.

The Malawi Immigration Department has indeed confirmed that the objective is to launch an electronic system to facilitate entry procedures in the country, already by the end of this month of November 2019.

Malawi on line visa service step by step

To request an electronic visa, the site of reference will obviously be the Immigration one.

Below you have the direct link to the site:

Once registered, it will therefore be sufficient to access the platform and complete the process respecting the following path:

  • fill in the format by answering the questions asked
  • upload the supporting documents
  • pay the taxes with the correct advance, respecting the new payment methods

The approval will then arrive by e-mail, and the access page will also be updated accordingly with a downloadable document and the approval of a visa sticker on the traveler’s passport; all to facilitate the travel arrangements in Malawi, in an attempt to ensure timeliness and efficiency during the entry into the country.

Even the spokesman of the immigration department Joseph Chauwa himself confirmed the importance and the imminence of the project, declaring that all the parties involved are working diligently to ensure that the structure is implemented by the end of November. A great step forward in the field of tourism by the Warm Heart of Africa.

* Please note that Visa in Malawi grants the traveler permission to enter Malawi only during the visa validity period, as long as it meets other entry requirements.