Telegram: the new Africa Wild Truck channel, is born as a new promotion offers or exclusive discounts  by the Africa Wild Truck world. Telegram is a kind of evolution of the newsletter, but definitely more refined.

The goal? To keep you update, using this new App to communicate our promotions and have as its main focus the ease and immediacy of use!

Telegram is a messaging app that is based on speed and security. It differs from classic chat app because it offers new and deeper potential as it is super-fast, intuitive, simple and free. You can find all the details, FAQs and more, on the official website of Telegram.

By subscribing to the Africa Wild Truck Telegram channel you will receive directly on your Telegram app, on your smartphone or on your desktop, travel discounts, the latest special offers that you will not find on other  Africa Wild Truck social media or probably you’ll miss in the constant and endless information between Facebook, Google+ stream, Twitter and Instagram.

You will have a direct and free communication with Africa Wild Truck respecting your privacy! All conversations are safe, secure and are encrypted by Telegram.

Anyone can sign up for the Africa Wild Truck Telegram channel and receive all updates. This is the direct link:

And…do not forget to share and invite your friends to join.

If you sign up you will always be updated on AWT Telegram channel … and we have already thought of new groups, destinations and … soon a Bot!

Telegram: The new Africa Wild Truck channel.
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