Voluntourism in Africa: a new travel in the heart of Malawi, created following both requests, and our desire to contribute to the development of the country through volunteer or as it is called, voluntourism.

You will learn Malawi’s culture through a short Chichewa’s course organized by AROUND AWT, we will match the discovery of the culture of the country, to a volunteer experience in the heart of Africa.

We will be guests, for about ten days, at one of the associations that we support regularly for years. Young boys Fomo welcomed by the association, Friends of Mulanje Orphans, of all ages, who attend primary and secondary schools and that, through 14 distribution centers in the area, are protected and assisted in what they needs to learn from the community of young people boys Mulanje, share knowledge, learn Malawi between safaris and villages.

The help that a volunteer can give is to contribute positively to the creation of a solid foundation for a primary education, so that children should welcome the idea of ​​overcoming the difficulties for a secondary education, constantly motivate them to continue their studies and to commit to their education.

On this trip-volunteer you have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with the children with whom we are in close contact, acquiring new skills through the exchange. Volunteers can contribute in different subject areas, English, mathematics, the arts, sport, food education, ecology, to raise awareness of issues of common interest.

Close the experience a few days of safari in Liwonde National Park, admiring the beauty of the river Shire and its elephants, crocodiles, hippos, the Mua mission with to know a part of the country and contribute to the tourism industry, its museum and near Lake Malawi, always in close touch with the simplicity of Malawian life of the villages of fishermen or farmers.

Voluntourism in Africa: a new travel in the heart of Malawi