Walking in the heart of Africa: “travel on foot.” There is an ever greater traveller totally immersed in nature, enjoy a bit of adventure and finding some time with the different rhythms of everyday life, come the trips on foot.
You’ve always wanted to go on a journey on foot and walk in the heart of Africa? Forget noisy roads and long drives off-road? We believe that exploring a destination and join in a walking trip is a great way to discover culture and the beauty of that land. At every step you discover new details, they grab something about the world and about themselves. In silence.
With a small group of people (maximum 8) who thinking just like you and with local professional guides, qualified, experienced and working in the field, you can walk into the heart of Africa in the countryside, on mountain trails, walking safaris in national parks and markets and villages.
You will have the chance to savor the journey slowly, so most “green,” without a trace. It will be a time of personal growth, you will enjoy the endless moments without having to run from one place to another and the baggage with which to return home will be enriched with new experiences and friendships. All this always in absolute safety.

Stay tuned!
Soon the online Walking in the heart of Africa: “travel on foot.